Write an executive summary from your business plan.

It is for a business communication 2 class For this assignment you are tasked to write an executive summary for one of the following type of businesses: A small coffee shop A shoe store A deli restaurant A convenience Store Assume you are the owner of the small business you selected and you need money either from a private investor or a bank. Write an executive summary from your business plan that includes the sections below. The information you provide should be persuasive in order to convince an investor to invest in your business. This assignment should be no more than two pages in length and include all the required parts of an executive summary. Include subheadings to indicate the section you are addressing. The following are the sections of an executive summary: Paragraph 1: Provide an overview of your business. Paragraph 2: Discuss target market, competition, and marketing strategy. Paragraph 3: Provide an overview of operational highlights.

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