Write about the operations of a created app (SportR).

Write about the operations of a created app (SportR). Basically the app helps find alike people who are interested in the same sport (football) and want to play together. For example, if you need people to play football with, you can find people that are playing football in a field nearby and join them. You can also add people and message them on the app and host events e.g. football events. The app is similar to social media apps where people can connect with each other with similar interests to football sport, there’s chats, and events for football sports displayed on a map, the details and etc. What is needed, this is a project assessment that assesses the operations of the newly created app which is called SportR. Requirements: Create an operational plan for the SportR app and answering questions: What market What are the competitive advantage of the app? How are you going to be providing that competitive advantage in the market? What are the activities you are going to do prior to launching and the activities you would be doing post launching the app SportR? (Anything you are going to be doing prior launching is the legal structure of the app) How will you be developing the supply, how are you going to build the relationship with the application, the premises? How will you be developing the app SportR? Is patent needed? Is trademark needed.

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