Write a Summary on Japanese Internment Camp Locations” By Rebecca K. Sharp

Write a summary on the below paragraph. You have already read this as part of the excerpt on Japanese internment camps. First watch this video created by one of your teachers. Then begin your assignment. “Japanese Internment Camp Locations” By Rebecca K. Sharp https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=znu4q1-CUfw Beginning in May 1942, the War Department transferred the Japanese Americans to 10 War Relocation Authority (WRA) relocation centers: Central Utah (Utah), Colorado River (Arizona), Gila River (Arizona), Granada (Colorado), Heart Mountain (Wyoming), Jerome (Arkansas), Manzanar (California), Minidoka (Idaho), Rohwer (Arkansas), and Tule Lake (California). Under guard and surrounded by barbed-wire fences, the internees lived in cramped barracks sharing communal toilets, showers, and mess halls. Privacy was nonexistent. The relocation centers mirrored small communities with churches, hospitals, libraries, post offices, and schools. The WRA allowed some internees to leave for temporary seasonal agricultural work. Others attended college, served in the military, or obtained outside employment. Some of the internees remained in the WRA relocation centers until they closed in 1946.”

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