Write a Bronfenbrenner’s Ecological model interview paper

For each of your interviews you will be composing a 3 page summary that includes the following information: A. The child/person you chose to observe/interview- age, why you chose them, the setting you interviewed them in B. An organized explanation of interview responses that highlight the influences of various levels of the ecological model on development, include at least 2 direct quotes (be sure to take detailed notes during the interview!) C. Discussion of the observation/interview – how did what you observe/hear match what has been said in the text &/or lectures regarding the contexts of development? How not? Be sure to use at least 2 citations (citing our text or lecture) that support your statements. D. Summary of interview, does this child seem to be a context that is supportive of development? How could their development be supported further? You will also be including 1 version of Bronfenbrenner’s model to break down the specific influences at each level on this “child’s” development in this period. (If Option 1 or 2 you will be combining information from both interviews into 1 model; if Option 2 or 3 please create a model from whichever interview resulted in richer, more detailed information). This model will be on it’s own page and clearly state each of the 6 levels (ie: individual, microsystem, mesosystem, exosystem, macrosystem, chronosystem) and at least 3 of the applicable items of information, people, organizations, values, etc.. per level.

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