: Write a brief paragraph about the number of articles you found, which ones were included and which ones were exclude and why.

sources need to be from 2017-2022. One could be from 2016 if necessary.
Write a brief introduction to the topic, including all six (6) elements of a problem statement: clinical topic identification; significance (why is this clinical topic important) and scope of the topic/problem; background on the topic (the story: briefly tell the story of the issue and why it deserves our attention); consequences of the topic (if change is not implemented what adverse effects could happen); gap (what we dont know about the topic or should know more about). Clearly state the purpose of the project in the form of your PICO question.
Methods Section: Include the names of the databases you searched, the limits you used (English language, years of publication, peer-reviewed), what you included and what you excluded.

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