Would you want to focus on humanity’s drive for knowledge or the need for human limitations in Faust?

Use a scene from Candide (this is a free copy of Candide by Voltaire to use https://www.gutenberg.org/files/19942/19942-h/19942-h.htm) The scene I would like used is the conclusion (XXX) Actors to use: as Candide – Dax Shepard as Cunegonde – Kristen Bell as Pangloss – Christopher Lloyd as The old woman- Meryl Streep as Martin – Steve Carell as Cacambo – Oscar Isaac When having to reference the scene with dialogue, please use modern language and explain why you are changing it. Have the scene be very modern, living in a big city, and maybe it’s not a garden but perhaps a book store where one can sit around and talk while having coffee. below is a partial copy/paste of the document “Essay One Director’s notebook”, please still check the document. Assignment: Examine one scene from Candide or Faust from a film (or stage) director’s point of view. When directors produce a scene, they have full creative control; the director is the auteur (“author” of the movie). They not only make obvious choices, such as casting, setting, and costuming, but are free to rearrange or cut lines to meet their purposes-these choices being based on their interpretation of the text. For this paper, imagine yourself as a director who is planning on turning the entire work into a film or stage play. Decide what theme or message you would want to bring across in your interpretation. Give your interpretation of one scene based on this theme or message. For example, would you want to emphasize the comedy or the satire in Candide? Would you want to focus on humanity’s drive for knowledge or the need for human limitations in Faust? You get to decide Introduction paragraph: begin with an introduction that describes your interpretation of the scene. This is very important, because it will help explain your later choice. Your thesis statement should include the reason (purpose) behind your choices. For example, if you were going to direct Hamlet to emphases Hamlet’s fear of making a decision, you might put that in your thesis like this: The focus of “to be or not to be scene” will be to emphasize Hamlet’s indecision. Each body paragraph will be about a specific aspect of the scene. The rest of the paper should be a description of how you would direct the scene to illustrate your interpretation. What kind of people would you cast? (you can choose actors or famous people—but describe them and why you are choosing them-connect it to your thesis). How would you direct them to say their lines? Would you cut/rearrange any lines (don’t add any-you aren’t going modernize the language). How would you direct them to act when they have no lines (expressions, gestures, etc.)? How would they be costumed for the scene? What would the setting be? Why? (Would you set the work in modern times? If so, why?) Would you use any special camera work, lighting, or special effects?

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