Which previously published studies, articles provide the best information on the research question?

2. Which previously published studies, articles provide the best information on theresearch question? Depending on your question and its context you can look at the available information and make notes on it. Dont be random and broad. Focus the review in the context of what you want to investigate. MAIN POINT of ARTICLEFor example, if you want to investigate an economic issue for example, World Economic Crisis 2008 then focus on the relevant economic studies published on that topic and thegaps that exist in those studies and do not focus on other studies published on that topic.3. BULK OF YOUR ESSAY: What these studies conclude about the topic? TIE THISINFORMATION together with your question. For example, these studies by this author look at economic aspects of trade, finance, protectionism and the effect of aninterlinked global economy on the crisis on this issue and write a few sentences on them. Author A says this, Author B says this4. ORAGINIZE it thematically, chronologically. Focus should be whats said, unsaid/agreement or disagreement.4. What are the strengths and weaknesses of the studies? For example, while these studies give a detailed overview of the economic crisis they fail to speak aboutAmericas specific role in this crisis.5. MOST IMPORTANT: What remains to be discovered about the topic thatmotivates you to investigate it under your research question. For example, while the literature speaks to these aspects of the issue (#2) and # 3 they fail to throw light on X factors or Y or both that caused this crisis. This is the gap that I want to fill with myresearch paper. Gaps, omissions, inconsistencies, hitherto unexplored aspects.5. HENCE MY RESEARCH Question: Write your question that should logically flow from the review above.6. CITATION: AUTHOR DAYE STYLE. Chicago Manual of style chapter 18 Turabian 9th
8–10 Peer Reviewed Journal Articles and University Press booksonly. In some policy issues you can review a federal, state or government report if it gives direction to your research.
Sources :1. Reich, Bernard, and Shannon Powers. The United States and Israel: The Nature of a Special Relationship, The Middle East and the United States. Routledge, 2018. 220-243.2. Tabeafshar, Sanaz, et al. “The role of Israel’s lobby in U.S. foreign policy: Iran’s nuclear talks and 1+ 5.3. The United States and Israel since 1948: A “Special Relationship”?-YAACOV BAR-SIMAN-TOV4. U.S. Policy and Israeli-Palestinian RelationsAuthor(s): Husam Mohamad5. The United States and the Palestinians, 19772012: Three Key Moments Author(s): Rashid Khalidi6. The Israel Lobby and U.S. Foreign Policy in the Middle East- by John J. Mearsheimer and Stephen M. WaltThe writer can choose the other remaining sources.

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