When might you use these different types of grouping?

There are many types of grouping that can happen in our classrooms. Teachers rely on ability grouping or flexible grouping, but consider stepping outside of the box and try some new ideas for grouping, for example:
-subject knowledge –interest -multiage -share the same birth month -shirt color -ask them to pair up and then split the pairs into two whole groups (or anything else fun that can causes different types of pairing)
Assignment 2A: Instruction Reflection:
Write a two-page paper on a few of the different types of grouping Ive mentioned above as well as others you learned about in the supplied materials.
1. When might you use these different types of grouping? Independent Reading, Math, writing,
2. Have you thought of yourself as a typical or atypical grouper? (typical)
3. Do you allow movement in your classroom? (yes, we call them brain breaks)
4. Do you give your students opportunities to work with other children?(yes)
5. Do you let each child shine?(yes)
6. Do you challenge your class?(yes)
7. Do you challenge each individual to participate and be an active
learner? (Yes)

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