What is unique about the solution?

Your project will consist of a 3 minute Pitch to a potential investor. You are given a little latitude relative to time as long as it is done in the 2.5 – 3 minute frame. If it is under/over by 1/2 minute, the # of minutes it is under/over will be deducted from your project grade in 3 pt increments. You are provided a rubric to make sure you cover all areas of the pitch.- 50 pts You want to pay very close attention to: 1.The issue how did you come up with the solution? 2.Why is the issue important? 3.Who will be impacted by the solution? 4.What is unique about the solution? 5.Who would most benefit from this solution? 6.How will you make people aware of this idea? 7.What are the start-up costs for such a venture? 8.What are the revenue streams for this venture? 9.How do you grow this idea? What′s next? 10.Creativity and Innovation of the idea/product/service

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