What are some complications of myocardial infarction?

In at least 750 words, or 3 double-spaced pages, prepare a case report that addresses the following:
1. Based on the case study provided, respond to the following questions:
o Mention the symptoms and signs you found in this patient.
o Did you find any remarkable detail in the personal and social history of our patient that can help to make the diagnosis?
o What is a silent myocardial infarction, and why did it happen to this patient?
o What results do you expect to find in the tests ordered?
o What are some differential diagnoses?
o What are some complications of myocardial infarction?
2. The patient suffers from silent myocardial infarction, but there are other types of heart diseases. Consider these questions:
o Describe the heart valvular disorders and how they can produce cardiac failure.
o What is endocarditis, and what are the most common causes?
o How many types of shocks are there? Explain them.
3. As a lifetime smoker, the patient is at risk of several respiratory disorders. Consider these questions:
o What is COPD? What are the three most common diseases that produce a COPD? What are their causes?
o What is asthma? Explain the origin of its symptoms.
o What is a pneumothorax? What are its symptoms and signs, and what are its causes?

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