Using the fictitious case study below, work through each step of the Medical Review Process, using the Nursing Process as a framework.

• Using the fictitious case study below, work through each step of the Medical Review Process, using the Nursing Process as a framework. You will write a Medical Review Summary Paper and complete the corresponding Illinois State Board of Education (ISBE) IEP forms. This should look very familiar to you from your textbook reading this week, and after viewing the links below. • Before beginning, thoroughly review the resources below, including the grading rubric. This synthesizes the information presented this week, and helps you to put it all together. We will also have a synchronous zoom session to review the project expectations – date/time TBD. Review: Rubric for IEP Medical Review Summary Project (in Syllabus tab, and attached) Read: Belmonte-Mann, F. & Gerdes, J. (2019). Special education and school nurses. Ch. 1-3. Read: Joint Committee on Administrative Rules – Administrative Code – Section 226.160. (IGA, 2016). Read: Medical Review and the Special Education Process (Yonkaitis & Gibbons, 2015) Read: Goals, Objectives and Learning Standards PowerPoint (Carter, 2020) (attached) Review: Illinois State Board of Education IEP Forms (ISBE, 2019). Thoroughly review all of the IEP Forms found in this link. We will be focusing on: • Documentation of Evaluation Results in the “health” and “hearing/vision” sections • Goals and Objectives/Benchmarks – whole page • Educational Services and Placement – enter nursing services minutes Additional Resource: APA Sample Papers (you will be writing a STUDENT version) There are TWO parts to this assignment: Part 1: Medical Review Paper: Using the fictitious case study below, work through each step of the Medical Review Process, using the Nursing Process as a framework. You are the nurse (Nurse Nancy) and your audience is the Medical Review Team, so be sure to use laymen’s terms. Complete a Medical Review Summary paper that is at least 3 pages, but no more than 5 (not counting title or references pages). This is very similar to a Nursing Care Plan for the educational setting. You must use correct APA format for this paper including a title page, proper in-text citation within the paper, and a references page (an abstract is not necessary). Part 2: ISBE IEP forms Completion: Thoroughly review the IEP Forms found in the link above, concentrating on the 3 forms listed. Complete these 3 pages for the fictitious student below with the applicable information from your Medical Review Summary paper. You will then print/scan/upload these completed forms to ReggieNet along with your paper (must be submitted at the same time). Part One – The Medical Review Paper The Paper should include all of the sections in the table below. Be sure to be succinct (your audience does not want a novel) and only highlight the abnormals. You can say “developmental milestones were all normal except……). For an opportunity for full points, this paper should be 3-5 pages (see rubric). Title page Subjective information Summary (abnormals ONLY) – informs the PLAAFP statement Objective information Summary (abnormals ONLY) – informs the PLAAFP statement Critical Analysis of how student assessment data impacts learning – state PLAAFP statement first (present levels of functioning) then Impact statement (how present levels impact learning) Identification of educational needs related to health Summary of Nursing Services needed Recommendations and Plan for Accommodations, Modifications, Interventions 2 Annual Goals (2 functional or 1 academic (SEL) and 1 functional) – student-centered 4 Short Term Objectives (2 for each goal) – student-centered Evaluation for each goal/objective References page with at least 4 Sources (no more than 2 from course textbooks or M6 reading) You can organize your paper into the sections above or into the sections below using the Nursing Process – whichever way is easier for you to organize and systematically cover each area. Be sure to use correct APA format for your headings and BE SUCCINCT! This paper should be between 3-5 pages. ASSESS 1. Subjective Information a. From parents b. From student c. From student’s teacher(s) 2. Objective Information a. From student’s health file b. Additional records requested or provided by parents c. (may include a physical examination or observation of the student by the school nurse at school) NURSING DIAGNOSES/OUTCOME IDENTIFICATION ORGANIZE and INTERPRET the data into an IMPACT STATEMENT which states the Present Levels of Academic Achievement and Functional Performance (PLAAFP), and then informs how these present levels impact learning. • Don’t overthink this, it’s really very simple. For example, “Because of ABC……learning is affected as evidenced by XWZ”. A real-life example: Because of this student’s diabetes, his blood sugar fluctuates and is sometimes low (hypoglycemia) and high (hyperglycemia) and during these times, his brain’s ability to focus is decreased evidenced by his struggling to complete simple tasks (this would also be a great place to cite an article that talks about a child’s brain being impacted by hypo and hyperglycemia). (See page 49 of the Belmonte-Mann text). • Critically analyze student health assessment data and identify potential barriers to learning and/or academic performance. This is the baseline beginning point at which the student is currently functioning. • Identify educational needs related to health – what is the student’s deficit(s)? 3. Nursing Services needed for free and appropriate public education (FAPE) 4. Educationally relevant medical findings that adversely affect learning (**PLAAFP and Impact Statements) PLAN – IMPLEMENT – EVALUATE (ONLY the PEL-CSN or IEP designee can perform #5). 5. Recommendations/Plan – Analysis of above information for the purpose of: a. Determining medical, school health, and or school nursing services that should be provided during the school day. This will likely not be an all-inclusive list; just triage and pick the most important two areas. b. Developing a proposed plan that includes i. Accommodations ii. Modifications iii. Interventions 1. Annual goals – pick the two most important (not all-inconclusive) 2. Short-term objectives – same, just pick two of the most important 3. Ongoing evaluation

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