Prepare a paper that illustrates and applies Drucker’s five questions, to a real organizational situation, and reflect on insights gained.

Peter Drucker is considered the leading management thinker of the last century. He wrote 40 books on management, including several when he was in his 90s. He coined or developed many fundamental management concepts (or their precursor ideas) that we take for granted today—the knowledge worker, management by objectives, outsourcing, and many others. The management guru Peter Drucker framed his consulting advice around five critical questions. With the answers to these five questions, you could run and grow your business. In this paper, you will refer to Drucker’s 5 questions to analyze current or future/potential business opportunities. The paper should be specific and explicit use of Peter Drucker’s 5 management questions; your grade will be determined by how well you demonstrate an understanding of key concepts and there impact on business.

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