Literacy Strategies Brochure.

Analyzing different types of literacy strategies is a crucial component of a literacy/reading specialist. The literacy/reading specialist needs to be familiar with strategies to use that support learning of all literacy concepts throughout multiple grade levels. For this assignment, create a brochure of research-based literacy strategies to help classroom teachers find effective ways to teach a skill area (foundational skills, speaking and listening, reading, writing, etc.) from the state standards. Select a grade level (K-8) and a strand from your state’s literacy standards to focus on. Include the following in your brochure: Explanation of each literacy standard in the selected strand and what is expected at the selected grade level Five research-based strategies/activities that classroom teachers could use to support learning of the literacy strand/skills, including at least one cross-curricular activity Two instructional resources that classroom teachers could use to assist students in learning the selected strand/skills Two technology resources to help teachers engage and motivate students during instruction of the selected literacy strand The brochure should include graphics that are relevant to the content, visually appealing, and use space appropriately. Support your brochure with a minimum of three scholarly resources.

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