Industry Analysis 19848569

For this Industry Analysis, we are interested in your perspectives on the opportunities and challenges of an industry within which you may start a company. Be sure to use the “Research” links within the Modules page to see industry research tools and guides.
In a first-person narrative of approximately five single-spaced pages (12 point, Times New Roman, 1″ margins), we ask that you explore the questions discussed in our module on Industry Conditions and Industry Status, with specific attention these key questions: What industry, or industries, are you analyzing? Please include (1) the SIC Code and Industry Title for your industry of interest, and the SEC’s Standard Industrial Classification (SIC) code list at; or (2) the NAICS Code and Industry Title from the IBISWorld database accessible via  What impact do knowledge conditions have in your industry? Are the demand conditions in your industry favorable? What is the lifecycle stage of your industry? Is the industry capital intensive? Is the industry advertising intensive? Are you trying to enter a concentrated market? What is the average size of a company in the industry?
For questions 2-8, include references to support your statements, assumptions, conclusions, etc. in APA format. The references page is not included within the five-page guidelines. Also be sure to fully consider each question and respond in a 1/2 to 3/4 pages per question for questions 2-8.
Our objective with this assignment is to help you to understand industry dynamics, and how to compete effectively within your chosen industry.
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