In 150 words, answer this following question below

In 150 words, answer this following question below:
Answer this question According to the Book of Hemmens (2014) and the Book of Israel et al. (2016).
(E) What is the role of the prosecutor?
You must answer this question thoroughly and cite all relevant assigned readings for that week (using APA format).
You may also refer to outside sources as long as they are scholarly (e.g., peer-reviewed journals) and/or reputable (e.g., article from The New York Times, chapter from another textbook). DO NOT refer to or incorporate information from extremely unreliable sources (e.g., Wikipedia, TMZ, and The Onion).
Posts must be well written, free of grammatical errors, relevant to the topic, and demonstrate critical thinking and analysis.
Topic COURTS: Role of the Prosecutor; Plea Bargaining
Book 1 – Hemmens (2014): Chapter 18
Book 2 – Israel et al. (2016): Chapters 10, 11 & 14
Required Textbooks:
1. Hemmens, C. (2014). Current Legal Issues in Criminal Justice: Readings, 2nd Edition.
Oxford University Press. (ISBN: 9780199355334)
2. Israel, J. H., Kamisar, Y., LaFave, W. R., King, N. J., & Primus, E. B. (2016).
Criminal Procedure and the Constitution: Leading Supreme Court Cases and Introductory
Text. West Academic Publishing. (ISBN: 9781634607544)
B. Suggested Readings:
1. D’Argenio, C., Owens, D., & Chin, J. (2012). Contemporary Issues in Criminal
Justice. Looseleaf Law Publications. (ISBN: 9781608850341)
2. Garner, B. (2011). Black’s Law Dictionary. West. (ISBN: 9780314275448)
3. Reiman, J., & Leighton, P. (2012). The Rich Get Richer and the Poor Get Prison:
Ideology, Class & Criminal Justice. Routledge. (ISBN: 9780205137725)

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