Identify and briefly describe the scope of the research project.

CASE STUDY ASSIGNMENT INSTRUCTIONSOVERVIEWThis assignment provides you an opportunity to apply what youve learned in this course aboutresearch design to real pieces of peer-reviewed research. You can think of this assignment as anexamination of your knowledge in research design. To complete this assignment, you must firstidentify two different prominent, peer-reviewed case studies conducted on the same or a verysimilar research question/dependent variable. You will then write a comparative analysis ofthese two case studies, an analysis which focuses primarily upon how well the case studies weredesigned and executed. This means the substance and content of your paper should becomparative in nature. That is, you should constantly be describing the first piece of research interms of how well it performs on different research design markers relative to the second piece ofresearch. You should not analyze one piece in the first half of the paper, and then analyze thesecond piece in the second half of the paper. The focus of the comparative analysis should be onassessing the fit between research design choices and the research question objective(s). Seebelow for specific instructions.INSTRUCTIONSYou are required to identify and then write a critique of two case studies, each of which focuseson the same general public policy research question/dependent variable. The case study critiquemust be at least 7 pages in length. You should briefly introduce and discuss the researchquestion/dependent variable under examination in each case study. The bulk of your papershould focus on examining major research design choices and explaining whether you believethe scholar(s) make the correct research design decision(s)… and why. Spend time and spaceexplaining the why and ground your augments in course readings and content.The format of your paper should be as follows:Identify and briefly describe the scope of the research project. Do this on page one.Identify the research question. Do this on page one.In one sentence, descibe the dependent variable. Do this on page one.Evaluate how well the scholar(s) define and operationalize their dependent variable(s)and how well they operationalize other major concepts in their study. Isconceptualization carried out appropriately? Why or why not? Does author(s)appropriately identify the observable implications used to connect their concepts totheir data? Offer suggestions for improvement.Explain whether the case study is or is not an appropriate way to study the researchquestion.Describe how and why the author selected their cases. Using Mills Methods and theGeorge and Bennett guidelines for case selection, explain whether case selection wascarried out appropriately. What does the author do well or not do well to maximizeanalytical leverage? Describe strengths and weaknesses in case selection. Offersuggestions for improvement.PLCY 805Page 2 of 2Briefly describe the research findings. Does the author appropriately qualify theirfindings? Or do they over-generalize? Does the author make causal inferences? Why orwhy not? Did the author make these decisions appropriately? Explain why or why not.Discuss any additional relevant research design choices and offer alternative solution(s)to design problems. Support solutions with established literature on research design andmethodology. Make sure suggestions for improvement are relevant and feasible.Conclude with brief, comparative analysis on overall quality and appropriateness of eachresearch design. The focus should be on assessing the fit between research designchoices and the research question objective(s).All papers should use the following format: Times New Roman, 12-point font, 1margins from left to right and top to bottom, double spaced, number pages and include atitle page. Use Turabian formatting.Submit your assignment as a Word document.

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