How do racism and the oppression of women help maintain this “status quo?”

*Please note Canvas uses plagiarism software to check for plagiarized content. All information beyond quotations should be in your own words and writing voice. The software will give immediate feedback to you about issues in your paper so be sure to check the report it generates. Research Paper Topic 500+ Words Draft + THESIS ON TOP + OUTLINE Please put your THESIS on the TOP of the page. Your thesis can begin, “In this paper, I will prove…” followed by what you will prove in your paper in one concise, specific sentence that should mention the TWO texts you will analyze. Don’t forget to include any type of outline that works for you, nothing formal is required. Then do a 500+ word draft (not more than 600 words) below that on your topic. Do include at least ONE outside research source in a Works Cited list. Go to to create your Works Cited list for free. You do NOT need to cite the English 103 Reader in your Research Paper. **Please read the Research Paper assignment below to get a clear idea of what will be included in the Finished Version of the Research Paper! You MUST READ THE RESEARCH PAPER TOPIC COMPLETELY. This topic REQUIRES TWO ASSIGNED READINGS FROM THIS COURSE as the FOCUS OF THE PAPER. You MUST DISCUSS the assigned texts as the paper’s focus and use the research AS SUPPORT to back up your ideas about HOW THE ASSIGNED TEXTS CONNECT TO A CONCEPT FROM THE TOPIC. Do NOT put the “cart in front of the horse.” Make the course-assigned texts the focus of this research paper! Never push information about the assigned readings to the middle or bottom of your paper. Start discussing them by paragraph two. Do NOT do separate sections in your paper. Each choice MUST be discussed IN TANDEM, that is, paragraph-for-paragraph with the others THROUGHOUT your essay. EACH reading choice must adhere to the same thesis statement at the beginning of your essay. Write a 1500+ word paper on ONE of the choices below. Quotations and Works Cited page do NOT apply to word count. Total number of quotations: 9 or more (at least 2 or 3 from EACH assigned course materials you choose and three from your 3 outside research sources) Total outside research sources on your Works Cited: 3 Total outside research quotations: 1 from each source listed Total number of quotations from assigned materials below that you chose: 2 or 3 from each of the assigned materials TOPIC: Use 2 assigned readings below to discuss and spotlight ONE area of inequality. Focus on an issue involving capitalism and/or the state and how inequality is supported in society by our institutions and/or by systems that normalize vast wealth inequality, the interests of corporations over humanity, etc. You may also talk about historical issues and how class, race, or gender identity often work against oppressed people who are disenfranchised groups in society. These groups may lack access to wealth, equal opportunity, or even equal rights. Highlight how inequality functions in our society through discrimination or a capitalist “outlook,” meaning our ideas about earning money (those who don’t work shouldn’t eat, etc.), anyone can get rich, and other ideologies that support wealth inequality as normal. Remember that 2 people in the United States control 40% of our country’s wealth and 2% of our population controls 90% of our wealth! This is capitalism in effect! How do racism and the oppression of women help maintain this “status quo?” DISCUSS ONE ISSUE ONLY by explaining your chosen class-assigned reading choices IN DEPTH. If you need to, do an analysis of capitalism according to the reading by Karl Marx and do some internet research.

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