Formulating a research question and structuring a literary search using PICO.

A reflective account of your learning from the module – 1500 words. Structured with the following sections.1) Introduction 2) A reflective commentary on your systematic search process:A 400 to 450-word reflective commentary explaining how search questions are developed and how you undertook your search on Summon and structured your PRISMA chart. You should describe how you did these processes and why organising literature search findings is important in terms of finding evidence for nursing practice.You should include a minimum of three (though more is better) different references in this section that support your discussion of why the organisation of search findings is important. 3) A reflective commentary discussing the importance of critical appraisal and the appraisal of a chosen article:A 400 to 450-word reflective commentary including a brief summary of your critical appraisal of a research paper identified from your search process in part one, using a CASP tool appr

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