Evaluate the company on its value to shareholders in the following area, being sure to provide relevant examples, details, and citations to support your evaluation: Evidence-based decision-making practices Recommendations to Mutual Fund Managers

As a reminder of the scenario, you have been hired by a mutual fund as a management consultant to evaluate a publicly held company that the fund is considering adding to its holdings. Specifically, you will appraise the companys work environment/organizational culture, financial stability, domestic and international financial growth opportunities, ethical practices, diversity/composition of its board of directors, corporate social responsibility practices, and evidence-based decision-making practices. Based on your evaluation, you will develop an 8- to 10-page report (in total throughout Weeks 13) for the managers of the mutual fund that will include your recommendations as to whether this company aligns with the mutual funds investment philosophy, which emphasizes companies that are recognized for their practices related to ethics, social responsibility, and global expansion.

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