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Electronic Health Records (EHRs)

1. The United States is investing heavily in electronic health records and communication systems.  Based on the course readings and videos, as well as any professional work experience with these systems, discuss the value of these systems in practice today for health care professionals. In addition, describe your experience taking the electronic health record (EHR) system / sim lab for a hands-on test drive. Was this the first time using a system for patient care information? If so, simply describe the use of this system. If you have used other similar systems, also please share a few words on your experiences in addition to a review of the sim lab. The goal here is to show evidence that you have invested some time in the sim lab and have a basic understanding of practical hands-on EHR systems used in practice. (350 words minimum)

2. Name 2 other similar system and explain each briefly (150 words minimum) 

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