Draft a paper that addresses the critical elements of Marketing Strategies.

Review the Module Seven resources as well as the activities throughout the course. Pay particular attention to the marketing exercises in which you explored various marketing strategies, as well as the Module Six Worksheet where you considered targeted marketing and communication strategies for a particular healthcare organization. Draft a paper that addresses the following critical elements: I. Marketing Strategies: In this section of the marketing plan, you will be defending specific marketing strategies and tactics to meet the marketing goal of the proposed service. A. Which strategies have you determined are most effective in meeting your marketing goals? B. Describe areas of the 4 and 5Ps that will be addressed in the marketing mix. For example, one consideration might be how the organization will be paid for the service and how the service could be impacted by policy and politics. C. Describe the target market for your proposed service. What are the geographies, demographics, psychographics, and behaviors of your target market? D. Why do you feel the currently used marketing strategies will not meet the needs of the proposed market? E. How are your proposed marketing strategies appropriate for your identified target market? F. What ethical criteria guided your selection of the marketing strategies you chose? (Refer back to the frameworks on ethics and ethical decision making from Module Three.) II. Communication Strategies: In this section of the marketing plan, you will explain the communication strategies you will use to involve the internal and external stakeholders of the healthcare organization that will be impacted by the proposed service. Note that this is unique from your target market. These stakeholders are the individuals who will either partner with you to employ the plan or be impacted by the implementation of the plan. A. How will you communicate the marketing plan to internal stakeholders? For example, some internal stakeholders might be employees, doctors, or administration. B. How you will share this marketing plan with indirect and direct external stakeholders? For example, some external stakeholders might be legislators or public health officials. C. How will these communication strategies effectively drive collaboration and contribute to the effectiveness of the marketing plan? D. What ethical criteria did you use to guide communication decisions for stakeholders of varying sectors of the population?

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