Discuss the strange case of dr. Jekyll and mr Hyde and if he is guilty for his actionss.

5 paragraphs with a claim and rebuttal-these are full instructionsWrite an argumentative essay in which you state and defend a claim about whether Dr. Jekyll is responsible for the crimes committed by Mr. Hyde. Use a word-processing program to write and submit your work.Assignment Instructions Step 1:a) b)c)Step 2:a) b)Step 3:a) b)Step 4:Answer   Step 5:a) b)c)Establish a claim.Identify the topic of your essay. In this case, it is Dr. Jekyll’s guilt or innocence.Determine your viewpoint, or the way you perceive the topic. Think about your evaluation of Dr. Jekyll—what do you think of his actions?State your position on the topic.Use evidence to support the claim.Identify quotations and supporting details in the text.If you use direct quotations in your essay, put them in quotation marks.Identify a counterclaim and provide a rebuttal.State a claim that supports an opposing argument. Explain why this counterclaim is flawed or unpersuasive.Evaluate your

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