Discuss the Challenges and barriers faced by refugee students.

I am requesting you to write a literature review for my comprehensive exam. I have 20 articles that I would like you to use. Please, let me know how I can send them to you. I will be conducting the interview for this study in one of the North-East states of the U.S. The research participants are refugee students from the Democratic Republic of Congo. I would like you to read the outline I attached to build on the literature review. Here are the items that I would like to see in this paper: – Introduction – Congolese refugee students’ status – Differences between Immigrants and refugees – Family-professional partnership – Challenges and barriers faced by refugee students • Socio-economic factor • Psychological factor • Educational factor • Institutional factor • Language factor • Cultural factor – Refugee students and their family’s perception of college – Acculturation of Congolese refugee Students – Ethnic and racial disparity in the U.S. higher education system – Integration with accommodation without assimilation .

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