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Post By: Baranda H. The two poems I have chosen are “Litany at the Tomb of Frederick Douglass” and “Sympathy.” Litany- is much more direct in its meaning. The author is stating the various scenarios that played out for Fredrick Douglas, there is an irony in the situation. “This is a world spinning away from the gravity of centuries, where the grave of a fugitive slave has become an altar.” The author is talking about how someone who once meant nothing to the vast majority of people, built himself up despite the odds and is now a symbol to many. Changes that he fought for, have unfolded in various ways. America has a lot of work to do in terms of social equality and justice. However, as an ode to Mr. Douglass, the author is pointing out how much has come from his work. This country has gone from slave owners to having a black president. A world that Mr. Douglass fought for, but may not have believed would come to pass. Sympathy is metaphorical in nature, using the cage and the bird to depict captivity, slavery, and oppression. The bird wants to be free, to fly away from the cage that holds him. The author states I know why the caged bird beats his wing Till its blood is red on the cruel bars; I think that this means, the bird knows that it’s taking a risk, it’s causing itself pain, but it’s doing it in the hope of gaining freedom. The bird needs his wings to fly, but he’s damaged them in his need to escape. The bird protests his condition, he seeks to change the bonds of his life. The bars of the cage represents the various ways that freedom was denied to the slaves. They are bringing awareness and both of them speak of change. References: Dunbar, Paul Laurence.“Sympathy.” p. 469. Espada, Martin. “Litany at the Tomb of Frederick Douglass.” p. 453. Reading and Research Writing Class: Classmate’s discussion Board Responses PART 2: Use at least 100 words for this Part (Respond to Classmate’s Post) Post By: Anna B. For this week’s discussion post, I focused on the poems “Sympathy” by Paul Laurence Dunbar and “Harlem” by Langston Hughes. The poem “Sympathy” is about slavery in freedom. This poem discusses how people of color do not have freedom due to slavery. On the other hand, the poem “Harlem” is about the dreams that African Americans have, providing their experiences as well as slavery. After reading these poems, I found that poetry was an effective way to tackle racial injustices. The figurative language and symbolism allow the reader better understand the poem. It also allows the reader to make connections with the poem. In the poem “Sympathy,” Dunbar writes, “I know why the caged bird beats his wing” (line 8, Dunbar). In this line, a caged bird symbolizes a salved African American. Showing that caged birds do not have freedom just like slaved African Americans. In the poem “Harlem,” Hughes writes, “Does it stink like rotten meat?”(line 6, Hughes). This line depicts a simile in which the author compares rotten stinky meat with dreams. If people have had dreams that have lasted a while, they may start to dislike their dreams. In both poems, “Sympathy” and “Harlem,” the authors are African Americans living during the time of slavery. They are both advocating for a social change in freedom within their communities. They want slavery to end for the African American community while still trying to spread awareness to others. Both poems, “Sympathy” and “Harlem,” tell us about the back experience in America. They both suggest that slavery was a prominent issue during their lifetime. Many African Americans did not have freedom like white people. Instead, they worked as enslaved people for white people with very little freedom. I also do not think depiction is limited in his case because both authors of the poem are African Americans writing about their experiences of slavery, wanting to be free, and overall experience vs. a white person writing about African Americans. However, some may say depiction is limited because both authors do not represent all African Americans and can only represent their experiences and what they see. ****For Part 1 and Part 2 Read the document attached labeled: Part 1 and Part 2 instructions*** ***I have also attached the Poems that we read this week and it’s the document attached labeled: Week 11 Readings*** Art Appreciation Class: Classmate’s discussion Board Responses PART 3: Use at least 75 words for this Part (Respond to Classmate’s Post) Post By: Tammy B. The works of art only have the one thing is common is that the sculptures are of a human body. The artist wanted to portray different aspects of the human body while also showing abstract art on the Black Venus and the Unrecognized. The Dying Gaul is a piece that is considered a contemporary piece and different from the others. Nicki De Saint Phalle the artist of Black Venus wants the viewers to see the elements of beauty while using more darks colors and a different form of the body where as in the greek sculpture the dying Gaul is more light in color and more life like to the audience. even though he is near his death.

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