Discuss an evaluation of Clinical Practice Options.

For this assignment, select one bachelor’s level position in clinical psychology, and one graduate level position. Choose two positions in which you might realistically be interested for the best personal application of this information. Review related course content and conduct additional research regarding what is involved in each position. Prepare a Narrated PowerPoint presentation to compare the two positions by including the following: Identify and briefly describe each position in your introduction. Provide a detailed desсrіption of the clinical interactions you can expect to have with clients in each position (i.e. what specific tasks would be part of their daily work). Describe the distinctions between the client interactions in each position. Explain at least three motivational interviewing strategies that would be used by each position. Describe similarities and differences in how each position would utilize motivational interviewing. Explain how each position would address treatment needs of the client. Note that this may include tasks such as referral. Describe the distinctions in addressing treatment needs in each position. Based on the information gathered and compared above, thoughtfully evaluate which of the two positions would best align with your goals in the field. Describe which of the two positions would best match your professional goals, and why. Then describe reasons the other option is not the best match for your goals, but also include any factors that could sway your decision in favor of that option. Conclude with a persuasive discussion of why the chosen option is the best of the two choices, in terms of alignment with your career goals. Include specific details about your chosen position, your professional goals and how they align, in your desсrіption. The presentation should be 10 to 12 slides in length, not including a title slide and reference slide. Speaker notes that expand on the information in the slides, and provide additional scholarly support, should be included throughout the body of presentation.

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