Design a strategy that will improve the delivery of environmental sustainability within Mc.

Are the appendixes only allowed to be diagrams?No appendices are not limited to diagrams-Is the actual reference list at the end included in the word count unless its an appendix?The reference list should be placed before the appendices (should always be the very last part of a report). Neither the reference list or the appendices count towards the word count.-Can we briefly explain the implementation plan and reference it as an appendix?Ideally the entire implementation plan should be in the main body of the report however if you are struggling to meet the word count you may include a condensed version in the main body and supplement this with a full version in the appendix.-Is it only the 2000 words graded and not the appendixes?Yes only the 2000 words will be graded however the appendix can still show further explanation/ supplement something you include in the main body and is therefore still useful. -Do you have to follow the presentation word for word?

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