Describe Paleo diet.

I would like you to prepare a 3-4 page book report addressing the following points: *Summarize the background leading to the publication: Why did the author write the book? What is the background of the author (are they involved in a healthcare field, have they conducted research in the field, etc)? *Summary of the main metabolic theory or approach of the weight loss mechanism of the book chosen: What is the science behind the approach? (For example, Atkins believes that carbohydrates cause you to be hungry and make you fat, or the Paleo diet believes that people eat the way their body was designed to eat – a hunter/gatherer type of food which in turn leads to less disease.) Think about a cause/effect that your book may be trying to sell – for example, ″if you only eat fat (cause), you will lose weight (effect)″. This is NOT a summary of the book itself…I don′t want to know how the book is organized or about the recipes included… *Selected scientific data from the literature supporting or not supporting your book: For this, I want you to look at research studies on or other journal articles you can find. I want you to use the science to determine if your the metabolic theory you addressed in the previous question is supported by research. For instance, if you look at the research regarding low carbohydrate diets on pubmed, you will find ALOT of information, I want you to discuss those findings. If you have trouble finding articles about your diet book or the ideas in your diet book written by scientists or doctors, e-mail me and I will forward some to you. Or, let me know if your diet book says something like: ″I have purposefully left out detailed discussions of the science behind my theory, because I don′t want to bore you…″ *Your conclusions: Does it work? Is it dangerous? Does it have a scientific or theoretical foundation? Please use the research you discuss in the previous question to back up your opinion. Your agreement or disagreement with the author′s weight loss plan. Would you recommend the book to someone who is trying to lose weight? You may do this report as a question and answer format or essay format. Please include a works cited page if you reference outside sources.

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