Describe in your own terms how the case was or is being investigated and the investigative efforts used to solve the crime.

Research Paper Option #2: BTK serial killer
View the below video (link provided) of the infamous BTK serial killer.
Paper Requirements:
Your paper shall be at least three (3) pages – do not fret – the three (3) pages includes your Title Page and your Works Cited page – so your written work shall be one (1) to two (2) pages DOUBLE SPACED.
Your paper must be typed in Microsoft Word and UPLOADED into this Module for review and grading!
NO Google Docs accepted! No exceptions!
Use Typeface 12 pt. Times New Roman Font
SPELL CHECK your document to avoid losing points!
Proper grammar and English are part of your grade!
You may convert your Word doc into a PDF format for uploading.
All papers, like your assignments, SHALL be properly uploaded in the section designed for this!
Any issues uploading your paper, contact Canvas at their 24/7 phone number posted in the Announcement section!
Do NOT any under circumstances e-mail a research paper attachment – this will not be NOT accepted! This is properly posted in the introductory module of this course. A failure on your part to upload a paper by the DUE DATE and time will be considered late and at the instructor’s discretion may be graded as a “0” (fail) or may have a substantial point reduction for a late paper.
WHY? Far too many students wait until the last minute to upload their papers, sometimes have issues (or cannot figure it out) and then email me their papers as an attachment stating they cannot upload their papers.
Students Investigative Research paper shall at a minimum contain the following information:
Name of Murder victim if known
AKA: the nickname given the murderer, i.e.: BTK or LISK, etc. if known
Weapon used, I.e. gun, knife, hands, drugs, etc.
Motive, if known
Victim preference (blonde, young females, tall lean males, etc.)
Method of death
Locations where victims were found may be more than one location – parks, swamps, etc
Modus Operandi every crime has a MO – DIFFERENT THAN “SIGNATURE”
Signature all crimes have a MO, but not all crimes have a Signature – DIFFERENT THAN “MO”
Identify all characteristics he exhibits that are relative to a serial killer during his allocution before the court.
Any other relevant information
As mentioned, your paper shall include those investigative efforts used by detectives to investigate the crime AND the crime scene, attempt to identify suspects and victims. These are two different things.
Investigative techniques include, but are NOT limited to the following: Witness testimony, evidence located (direct, indirect) DNA, fingerprinting, search warrants, subpoenas for records, analysis of body fluids, blood, semen, etc. These are only a few things, there are more. Use only those that are relevant!
Describe in your own terms how the case was or is being investigated and the investigative efforts used to solve the crime.

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