Demonstrate the use of any two sequencing methods.

Q 5(b) [50 Marks] You clear all your work at your work station 6 on Friday. On Saturday your company sales people were at a trade fair and have generated orders for 3 different designs from customers. On Monday, on your return to work, a list of the 3 orders and their due dates are given to you. You first list the order numbers and due dates as they were received by your sales people, and you estimate the process time for each design based on your experience as follows: Workstation 6 Process Time Due Date Order Numbers (in Days) (Days) 1 5 10 2 7 9 3 4 15 You wish to minimise the average time the orders are in process, and the average lateness in meeting the due dates for each order (deadlines). Demonstrate the use of any two sequencing methods/ Only need question 5(b) completed

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