create an informational brochure about your hometown or where you currently live.

create an informational brochure about your hometown or where you currently live. The purpose of the brochure is to promote the location you select and interest readers in visiting. As you begin creating the brochure, identify the main ideas you will present in order to create an organized and engaging brochure that will catch the attention of the audience. Requirements: Content: In the body of the brochure, including information about: What town/location you are promoting One or more indoor activities One or more outdoor activities One or more places to eat Helpful FAQs Contact information Insert appropriate pictures Format: Informational brochure: Download and use the brochure form to complete your assignment. NOTE: While this layout does not seem to make sense if you view it as a flat Word document, the final product would be folded. Organization: Follow the brochure format. You may draw on information from sources; however, the brochure must be written in your own words. Original ideas are presented in a logical order. Length 250-500 words. Standard conventions of English. Focus on using strong verbs to interest the reader. As you create the brochure, evaluate your use of using the correct verbs, irregular verbs, auxiliary verbs, and varied verb tenses within your writing. Voice: Write in second person (you/your) and/or use imperatives such as ″Visit Rocky Springs Farm″ or ″Take a ride on the ferry.″ Avoid I or We in this brochure; connect directly to the reader. Spell check and proofread your work. Use the information from the readings and multimedia to help you evaluate your writing.

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