Chapter 14 Problem P14-1A

You must complete both parts (a and b) of Problem P14-1A to earn full credit. You must submit your answers in Excel (only one Excel file will be graded – do not submit multiple Excel files). No Word document submissions will be graded.Please read all of Chapter 14 before beginning this problem. The chapter will provide you with examples of the questions asked within this problem.Feel free to discuss this problem with the rest of the class here.P14-1A Ohno Company specializes in manufacturing a unique model of bicycle helmet. The model is well accepted by consumers, and the company has enough orders to keep the factory production at 10,000 helmets per month (80% of its full capacity). Ohno’s monthly manufacturing cost and other expense data are as follows.
Rent on factory equipment$11,000
Insurance on factory building1,500
Raw materials (plastics, polystyrene, etc.)75,000
Utility costs for factory900
Supplies for general office300
Wages for assembly line workers58,000
Depreciation on office equipment800
Miscellaneous materials (glue, thread, etc.)1,100
Factory manager’s salary5,700
Property taxes on factory building400
Advertising for helmets14,000
Sales commissions10,000
Depreciation on factory building1,500
Instructions(a) Prepare an answer sheet with the following column headings.
Product Costs
Cost ItemDirect MaterialsDirect LaborManufacturing OverheadPeriod Costs
Enter each cost item on your answer sheet, placing the dollar amount under the appropriate headings. Total the dollar amounts in each of the columns.(a) DM $75,000DL $58,000MO $22,100PC $25,100(b) Compute the cost to produce one helmet.Classify manufacturing costs into different categories and compute the unit cost.(LO 2), AP
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