chapter 13 reflection assignment

Part 1:You will be submitting a reflective response to the textbook chapter for this module.The “reading response” assignment is a technique for engaging in a dialogue with the instructor. The dialogue should be academic in nature, but can also be personal as you relate the information to your life. Do not simply tell me what the chapter presented. Instead, SHOW ME that you have read and understood the chapter by integrating information from it into your more personal, reflective thoughts on the topic. The “reading response” entry should respond to the following question:Chapter Thirteen: The Maltreated Child and Child Protective Services Response
Do you think that individual values and beliefs often affect the decisions made by CPS professionals? How? And should they? Can anything be done to change this? (at least 400 words)
Part 2:CPS and After a Report DiscussionHere you will discuss various thoughts, observations, disagreements, etc. related to this module and your own perspectives. You are encouraged to include your personal experiences and observations as part of these discussions. (at least 200 words)
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