chapter 10 extra credit assignment

Part 1 – How Many Ads Do You See In A Day? (10 points)Various studies indicate that we are exposed to hundreds of ads and marketing messages in a day. Similar to the media diary, document how many ads you see in an eight hour period. Include the advertising channel (print ad, TV commercial, online – refer to PowerPoint slide on advertising in a digital world, outdoor advertising, etc.) and brief description of the ad. Total the number of ads you saw that day. How many ads did you see on campus/Student Center? Which ads were most memorable and why? Which type of ads are most effective? Explain your answer.Part 2 – Product Placement Ads (10 points)Product placement has become more widely used advertising technique since the arrival of the DVR, which allows viewers to skip commercials. Watch a scripted television show (not a reality show – they often have to blur our brands) or movie (if you have the time). How many product placements did you notice? Provide details. For example – During Law & Order SVU,the cops were drinking Starbucks and had a box of Dunkin Donuts on the table.Advertising Diary Sample.docx
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