casual analysis outline

Causal analysis outlineYou can use the template for your causal analysis outline. The structure for the causal analysis is very specific. It flows logically, and each section has a function. This essay is a little longer than others you’ve written, doing the outline helps to organize your ideas and evidence in manageable parts. Fill in the template with your information.Causal analysis outline templateI. IntroductionA. HookB. Introduce topicC. ThesisII. Background/History – Still introducing the topic, build a chronological sequence up to the present using research and commentary on how each piece of the history is important to the evolution of the topic/issue.A. Relevant research/commentary (Origin or rise in importance of issue)B. Relevant research/commentary (Various phases in the history of the issue, using as many sub-parts as needed)C. Relevant research/commentary (Lead up to the situation as it stands today, citing current sources)III. Evaluative claim – Point out gaps or problems in current situation. Your causal analysis will explain the problem(s), and eventually your proposal will aim to fix it.IV. Causal argumentA. Cause A1. Relevant research and analysis/argument2. Relevant research and analysis/argumentB. Cause B1. Relevant research and analysis/argument2. Relevant research and analysis/argumentC. Cause C1. Relevant research and analysis/argument2. Relevant research and analysis/argumentV. CounterargumentA. Counterargument(s)1. Relevant research/analysis2. Relevant research/analysisB. Rebuttal to counterargument(s)1. Relevant research, if needed2. Logical, fair rebuttal of preceding counterargument(s)VI. Conclusion / (Transition for Proposal)A. Restate thesis; summarize main points of essayB. Make a brief proposal on how to solve or improve on the problems set out in the causal argument.
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