case study 998

I need a 1200-1800 words, not including footnotes and appendices (i.e. bibliography). Find and cite (using APA guidelines) at least five academic appropriate references to support your analysis and plan.For your brief, you are to find at least three additional pieces of media coverage examples (local, national, or international are all fine) pertaining to case (can be newspaper, video, or other publication). In addition to examples of media coverage, find and cite (using APA guidelines) at least five academic appropriate references to support your analysis and plan. Read/watch them, as well as other supporting material you find useful to educate yourself on the nature of the case, the media coverage, and with particular attention to the criticisms, and incorporate each of the following components:
Introduction: describe to the reader the nature of the situation. What were the primary media concerns/focus, why, and, in two or three sentences, what was the perspective/summary reporting? Also briefly discuss the tone of the media reports you have read. In other words, how does the media construct this?
What media communications, public relations, brand integrity, and risk to reputation implications does this incident present to the entity involved?
Incorporate specific concepts and strategies you have learned throughout the course, discuss the specifics of your strategy to manage the media fallout, public response, inter-agency response, and your recommendations to your company to implement media response plan changes in the future.
In your conclusion, review the implications of the media reports to the impacted organization and summarize the major elements of the strategy you devised in response to the report.
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